Thursday May 25, 2017

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Training like they’d fight

For neutral Sweden and Finland realistic training involves siding with Nato

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Arctic Challenge Exercise 2013

Despite their close political ties to the West, Sweden and Finland remain militarily detached from Nato.

Look to the skies over northern Scandiavia this coming week, and separation will appear less clear. The two countries will be joining with Norway, a Nato member, to stage the Arctic Challenge Exercise, a big air-combat training session running from May 22 until June 2. 

Planned and executed by Nordefco, a Nordic defence alliance, the point of the biennial ACE is to give participants an opportunity to plan and engage in a realistic training scenario that involves mobilising and fighting in multinational operations involving as many as 100 aircraft, as well as a ground and naval units. 

Few training exercises would strive for anything else but realism for participating personnel, but in the case of ACE, realism may be a matter of what the organisers do, not what they say. Not just Norway, but in fact, all of the other participants – save Switzerland –  are Nato countries.

Photo: Forsvaret