Thursday May 25, 2017

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The Arctic Journal is published by Mediehuset Sermitsiaq.AG, Greenland’s leading independent news organisation.


Editor-in-Chief: Poul Krarup (Mediehuset Sermitsiaq.AG)

Journalist: Kevin McGwin

The Arctic Journal is a news website focusing on the entire Arctic region. Articles are published in English.

Our staff will make all efforts to ensure that content lives up to our editorial and linguistic standards, but certain information can be retrieved from official sources and non-native English-speaking contributors.

Opinion and commentary

In addition to being a leading source of news, The Arctic Journal aims to be a forum for debate about the region. Outside contributors are welcome to submit relevant op-eds, letters to the editor and other forms of commentary.

All submissions must be in English and should be exclusive to The Arctic Journal.

We reserve the right to reject any submissions, as well as to edit for style or length.

For more information, please contact